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There are several advantages to natural joinery with Miller Dowel Company products. Below we've listed just a few, but we're sure you'll find more. Let us know if you do, or contact us in Chicago, Illinois, to learn even more tricks of the trade.


• Offers Superior Joinery Strength, Easy & Quick Application, & Time-Honored Appearance • Logical Alternative to Mortise & Tenon, Bind Dowels, Biscuits, & Other Methods of Natural Joinery

Advantages of Miller Dowels Over Pins & Pegs

• Easy Fit Within the Pilot Hole • Square Dowels & Debris Penetration
• Tapered Dowels & the Wedge Shape • Pin Dowels & Vertical Fluting Plus Withdrawal Strength

A Comparison of Miller Dowels and Screws

• Solid Wood Joinery Is Stronger & More Durable but Has Drawbacks • Screws Are Largely Used Out of Convenience Rather Than as a Stronger Alternative to True Joinery • There Are Inherent Problems with Screws Especially with MDF

Miller Dowel - Easier Solid Wood Joinery

• Faster, Simpler, & Stronger Construction • All Other Methods of Natural Joinery Require Independent Machining of Two Different Components before Joining • The Only Natural Fastener/Method of Joinery That Enters from the Outside

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